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Rabindranath Thakur || Bangla Language And Literature

Rabindranath is undoubtedly best writer of Bengali literature. In English we write his name as Ravindranath Tagore. Anyway, Watch the biography of Ravindranath Tagore in Bangla-

This is wrong in two ways-

            1. Bengali words can't be written porperly in Sanskrit form
            2. Thakur is the right pronunciation, not tagore

In the caption I write Rabindranath, it should be written Robindronath(we pronounce in that way). 

Because we have a letter 'অ' in Bangla. Which don't exist in Devnagari

Form Download For Job Application

Form Download
Important form download

You can download four forms from here. The first one is application form for BCS. This form is called BPSC form-2. You will know required information to give after downloading the form. 

The second one is job details verification form. This form is needed after getting the job for indentifying detail information about you. This form is called police verification form.

The third one is for employees. If you already have a job then you need an no objection certificate from your previous institution. Download the third form for this-

And the fourth one is BPSC Form-3. This form is for the applicants of non cadre jobs. This is mendatory for the applicants of non cadre job.

Naturally all the four forms are important. You can download your required one very easily from here. Just clicking on the text is enough for downloading. 

BCS Examination Online Registration

BCS Online Registration
Photo Credit: Peggy And Marco

Online Registration For BCS Exam

You can download your desired BPSC form-3 from here. Beside this application link for non cadre application,admit card for BCS application can be downloaded from the frame below. Since the official website of BPSC is shown on frame you can trust those information-

Hope that all the required fetures provided by Bangladesh public service comission of Peoples republic of Bangladesh are easily gettable here. Use this site for comfort.